Last October, a couple of very special little girls in my life turned one-year-old – My daughter, Eden, and her cousin, only 3 days older than she is. We had a joint-birthday party, and for the celebration, I wrote a blessing for the girls, teeming with my hopes for the life that awaits them. I also shared it for the birthday of my god-daughter in Taiwan.

You are God’s precious gift to the world. 

You are exactly the one needed to restore new passion and promise to our family, and you are embraced by a circle of love.

On your first birthday, this is my wish for you… 

May you live a wholehearted, courageous life that hears first God’s voice both around and within you. 

May you live with a trust that is deeper and stronger than fear. 

May you know and use the grace of your privilege to reach and bless others who live in broken places. 

May you forever know and rely upon the peace of Christ that holds you steady, secure amidst any turmoil and heartache you face. 

May your eyes never lose sight of Jesus, and of why you have come to this world. 

May you welcome each season of your life, even the difficult ones, knowing there are treasures buried beneath even the rockiest ground. 

May you remember the world needs your voice – your precious, unique, and beautiful voice – so speak with both confidence and humility. 

May you hold your past with tenderness and your future with hope, knowing that the Lord is with you in it all. 

May you abound in the fruit of the Spirit, responding to the needs around you with compassion and showing gratitude for the grace with which others meet your own. 

May you have a forgiving heart and a wise tongue. 

May you surrender control. 

May you not be afraid of failure, for failure has function – the most meaningful and life-giving endeavors are those that are worth doing even if you fail. And when you fail, we will be extra proud of you, because you risked with bravery. 

May you play and laugh with abandon, and may you cry for yourself and the world. Tears are one of our best teachers. 

May you remember you need not strive to be extraordinary. There is marvel in the seemingly ordinary, and that is where your soul will find its truth. 

May your life be one of continual prayer, where you feel Christ with you and share all that you are and think and feel with him.

May your way of life be a path of faith, a song of love, a story of praise for your God who adores you and this world that needs you. 

Happy Birthday, Dear One. 


As I shared the blessing with friends in recent months, a common theme emerged. Their response was, “Arianne, this a blessing for YOU. You need to hear these words.” The blessing I penned for my daughter are the hopes I deeply hold for myself. I’m realizing that if I want Eden to live a whole-hearted, courageous life, I need to try and do that too. If I want Eden to learn to surrender control, I need to learn to surrender control. If I want Eden to walk with a trust that’s stronger than fear, I need to practice that too. These aren’t rigid expectations I’m telling Eden or myself to meet. But they are a reminder of the calling upon our lives – one God sings with much joy, promise, gentleness and compassion .