Friday Prayer, April 14, 2017

Photo by Lori Archer Raible

On this Good Friday, friends, I’m praying you find a centered, close sense of God with you…especially if that feeling’s been a distant one for quite some time. These holy days hold different layers of meaning for each of us. The shared beauty is the great Love that reaches out.

It’s embracing you right now.


O God,

We reach out for you on this Good Friday – this day of grief, desperation, and seeming hopelessness…

this day of weakness…

this day that will bring scars.

O Jesus, have mercy on us.

For the ways we turn away from your pain;

for the blindness we choose over seeing;

for the judgment we harbor toward the ones you’ve called us to love;

for our unwillingness to change…

O Jesus, have mercy on us.

There is no place more spacious than your heart.

May we hold your hand, God, as we go through the darkness of these days before the light of Easter morning.

In the name and love of Jesus, whose life brings life to all,


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