Friday Prayer, April 8, 2016

Photo by Lori Archer Raible

Tender God,

Thank you for embracing me just as I am, with the jumble of conflicted feelings and thoughts I have today. Help me, Jesus, to let all of these feelings have their place –

to honor them,

accept them,

and with a breath of release,

blow away the ones that are not worthwhile hanging on to.

Please give me the clarity of mind and soul to choose love and courage as I make this inner journey and find my way….

compassion and wide eyes to see companions around me in need of support…

wisdom and peace to live out my calling in this day before me.

As I journey today, I pray for those I love…

for those I struggle to love…

May they know they are embraced by your love on every side, Jesus.

Thank you, God, for traveling with me through my own thoughts and worries and those I carry for others.

I know you will show me the path I am to take, even if only by the light of one step before me. I cling to you, Christ, and find hope in your hand.


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  1. Thank you Arianne for the thoughtful prayer as you and we all seek to cling to Him!

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