Friday Prayer + Check out this review, November 4, 2016


I had the great blessing and honor of writing a review for Called: The Making and Unmaking of a Nun. The author, Marge Barrett, happens to not only be a tremendous human being, but is also my beloved writing coach. If you have a moment, please read the review. But even more importantly, read her book. You will be changed if you do.

Secondly, I’ve been facing a lot of transition and change and shifting in my life, and feeling all the while pretty unmoored – walking, like Peter, toward Jesus on the waves of faith and completely wailing with fear when I start to sink. As I talked on the phone with a friend the other day about all of these waves of change, she said, ‘it’s a good thing Jesus is an excellent surfer.’

I loved that. 

So if you, too, find yourself on the sea of change today where you are exhaling something and inhaling another, take courage. Jesus knows how to ride these waves, and his board is well-seasoned.




Today, Lord Jesus,

We lay down our personal, clenched hands salvation projects,

and now fall,

arms wide, eyes open,

into your ocean of grace.


Because you are trustworthy in what you say,

Faithful in what you do,

Tender in how you respond,

Patient in what you give.


You’ve taught us how to embrace the struggle….

to look at it,

hold it in our hands,

allow it teach us,

and let it lead us toward the new place

of dependence on you.

A gorgeous, expansive place of release and joy and trust.


You’re teaching us it’s not who we are

keeping us from you and what you desire,

but who we keep saying we’re not.


So at least today,

we let go of who are

that we might be stretched

into what we must become.


We’ll ride the waves

knowing grace upon grace

promises good land ahead.


In the name of the great Surfer,




  1. Arianne, you are such an excellent writer and these times of change will eventually return to a calm sea.

  2. Again your words are profound, authentic, spiritually meaningful! I’m grateful to think of the Great Surfer. I look forward to meeting you in Wilmette. Our son has spent the week in Haiti with a medical mission. He took his oldest son and the two are practicing their French while there. We are delighted that the language does seem to come back with some immersion. Hope you too will have an opportunity to immerse. You were such a delightful student!

    1. I am so inspired, Geraldine, in hearing about your son’s medical mission work! He has a compassionate and caring heart, just like his mother! I do hope I can pick French back up – I love the language….

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