Friday Prayer, December 1, 2017


Advent – this holy time of transformation and waiting and pain and trust – begins on Sunday. I wonder what you are waiting for right now….

I wonder where you, like Mary, have been asked by God to do something you don’t feel capable of doing.

I wonder where you, like Joseph, have been asked to proceed with trust in a decision when everything you initially thought crashed down – hard.

I wonder where you have longed for the end of corrupt abuses of power (#metoo has become the very air we breathe…)

I wonder where you feel the togetherness of light and dark in your own life. It’s something I find so meaningful about Advent – how Christ comes to us in darkness. When we don’t see. Don’t expect.

And so I pray that each of us will be wide-eyed, broad-hearted, and open-minded, that God might cultivate in us a deeper awareness of God’s working.


God, my Light…

I step with hope, anticipation, trust,

into this holy season of Advent.

This season of waiting and longing.


A single star overhead

is enough light to lead me through this darkness…

to shine into even the smallest crevices of my

heart and life.


I need your light, God,

to shine on this path you’ve asked me to walk.

You say I only need light for the next step,

and once I make that one, I’ll have light

for the one after that.


So I will trust you’ll show me

what is mine to do

and where is my place to walk

and how my very living

is testimony to your

transformative work.


Jesus, you are the light of the world.

Fill me and make me a lamp as I journey….



  1. Dearest Arianne. Your words touched me deeply today. As I struggle with Ned’s Alzheimer’s these last few day. I pray for patience and direction. Keep me in your prayers.

  2. Arianne-Just read your Ash and Starlight…….thank you, thank you: it spoke to my soul. Wishing you the best of Friday’s. Isn’t nice to have an infant this Season? It always made me feel such a kinship with Mary. Who knows maybe Baby Jesus had acid reflux too! Give your sweet little ones a hug for me…….love to all of you. Sally

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  3. Thank you Arianne, This spoke to my soul also today. “How my very living is testimony to your transformative work” would be a most fitting epitaph.

    Blessings to your family this most Holy season of joy.


  4. Thank you, Arianne. Your prayer speaks so deeply to my spirit. Bless you and your family. Miss you.



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