Friday Prayer, December 23, 2016


Blessings, friends. I wrote the following prayer for an at-home-worship resource people can use on Christmas Day (since it falls on Sunday this year!). Some congregations here in Fort Wayne will not be having services that day, and my friend and colleague thought an at-home service for people would be a great idea (thanks for organizing this, Kathleen!). If you’re interested in downloading the worship service, go here.

I’ve been thinking about all the ways God has stretched me this year, making room in my heart and my trust for new life. As many of you know, this is happening both physically and spiritually. I am due with our second baby (whom we’ve nicknamed “Little Love”) in June and our family will be leaving Fort Wayne and moving to Wilmette, IL at the end of January. My husband will start a new pastoral call at First Presbyterian Church of Wilmette. For now, I continue to focus on the ministries of motherhood and writing.

As you allow God to create space in you and your life for Christ’s birth, may you find yourself filled with exceeding hope for the new year. We need it.

Merry Christmas, friends.


Lord Jesus,

You’ve asked us to be a womb for you this Advent – to be a space where your love grows and your grace expands.

You’ve asked us to let the sides of our souls stretch that we might become large with your promise.

Being a womb for you has pushed us to the outermost rim of who we are.

You’ve asked us to extend ourselves with difficult family members.

You’ve called us to care for children that push us to a completely new level of selflessness.

You’ve softened our gritted teeth in tough phone calls, all while our souls groaned with growth.

In the pain, you enlarged us.

In the swelling, you dwelt within us.

And when we questioned whether we could make any more room in ourselves or our lives for you – the One who asks everything of us – your spirit brought us forward in its quiet, miraculous way.

You whispered our hollowing was for a yet greater filling.

And now today, Lord Jesus, you are born.

Born in us, born to us, born for us.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, Immanuel.