Friday Prayer, February 2, 2018

IMG_6005 copy
Photo by Susanne Moorman Rowe

Great Love and Loving One,


I look around me…


How I crave your

true and powerful and unifying

(of the deepest kind)



More than a Valentine’s Day love….


I look around….


Seeking your gritty, steady love

that humbles itself into gracious relationship.

That lays down to listen.


I look…


Remembering again and again

how you are Love itself,

moving into any dark holes of unloving –

including my own shadow side –

bringing beams of

pure, unconditional love.


A love that loved me first

and loves me still….

as I am

where I am

(even if I still act like I need to earn it


With looking eyes

and tuned ears

and a *somewhat* open heart,

I see that your Love – that you –

really are everywhere.


There are all of these amazing

people who are beacons of you,

standing united in mercy and compassion,

telling the world how connected we all are

and that you are our source.


Our Source of Love.


I’m joining in.




    1. Thank YOU, Susanne, for the ways you continue to instill beauty in my life – including through your artistry and photographs. Love and miss you so.

  1. This and your other prayers mean so much to me, especially now as I deal with my daughter’s death. Thank you, thank you.

    1. Nancy, it’s hard for me to put into words the grief and sadness I feel with you over precious Jennifer’s death. May this true Love be near and tangible and real in every way.

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