Friday Prayer, June 10, 2016

Photo by Lori Archer Raible

Gracious God,

We are stopping now.

We are resting now.

We are letting the stillness of being with you wash in like a wave, while the chatter and activity around us recedes. Thank goodness we don’t need silence around us in order to have that beautiful quiet inside.

This moment, God – it’s a gift.

We find ourselves so busy with yesterdays and tomorrows that sometimes, we leave today in the corner.  But today is enough. You’re giving us the daily bread we need for now – a person who loves us, a moment to breathe, a meal on the table, a word that brings hope, a gleam of life outside our window.

Please help us, Good and loving Christ, to unfurl our hands and accept today with gratitude. To let the seasons of the past fill us with appreciation, and the seasons yet to be bring us hope.

But for now – Today. Today. Today. It is enough.

As we live into the rest of this day and evening comes, may our lives be candles in your hand. Strike us, God, and create a blaze of hope that shines and sparkles your promises.

May we burn with grace.

In the name and hope of Jesus, our Light of the World, Amen.