Friday Prayer, March 11, 2016


Dear Jesus,

Today, I release.

I release my worries. I release the anxiety that’s gnawed a tender spot in the bottom of my soul.

I release my fear that the future’s uncertain (because it is, and that’s okay. You’ll be with me in it).

I release my simmering bitterness that’s bubbled on the back burner for way…too…long.

I release my unfair expectations of others – and myself, too.

I release the frustrations and shameful secrets I’ve carried under my arm for years.

I release the story or stories I no longer want to live.

Jesus, I release.

And today, Jesus, I receive.

I receive your love that promises I am your child, that I am good.

I receive your peace that reminds me “all will be well, and all manner of things shall be well.”

I receive your voice as the wise whisper I follow.

I receive a new story.

Thank you, God, that you receive me – us – this whole world – in a giant embrace, and that you receive these prayers.

In the name of the One who releases us to freedom and receives us all to love, Amen.


  1. Tears….how this was my confession and prayer yesterday. Bless you my sister in the Lord. This is so Beautiful, raw and transparent. +Darkness exposed, powerLESS & under our feet+

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