Friday Prayer, March 18, 2016

Labyrinths teach us there is a purposeful destination to our seemingly winding journey – keep praying, keep walking, keep trusting……


You do see a path when we only see obstacles.

You hold hope when we’re at the bottom of our reserve.

You provide strength when every muscle – physical, spiritual, emotional (need we go on?) – burns with fatigue.

And God, you have answered and will answer our prayers.

So we pour our hearts out before you, asking that you tenderly take and hold the troubles that feel relentless, the joys we pray will last, the longings that are embedded so deeply that every breath aches for their fulfillment.

We will keep coming to you, God, lying down on this bit of temple floor – the place where our knees, lips, and hearts rest on holy ground that you’ve cleared just for us.

We pour out our hearts and souls, Loving Lord, knowing you hear in your mercy and respond in your grace.

We lay down these longings and grasp onto a fresh faith in You – Good and Trustworthy You.

In the name of the Shepherd who makes us lie down in peaceful places, Amen.