Friday Prayer, March 3, 2017


Photo by Susanne Moorman Rowe

Good morning, friends, and Lenten blessings….

Did anyone else read or hear Pope Francis’ words to the world this week as we begin Lent? The word that really convicted and challenged me was the call for us to give up indifference toward others. I’ve been reminded from so many places in recent weeks how we belong to and are responsible for one another. In a time when I’ve felt such anxiety over the direction of our nation especially, it can feel all too easy to hide or think I’m not culpable as well for this mess. But I am part of the greater body. And you are too. We are waking up to that, and Lent is a beautiful time to live into our wholeness.

Another thought, friends – Lent is not something we “fail.” As a perfectionist (trying to recover?), I can so easily turn Lent into another new year’s resolution time, coming down hard on myself when I already renege on the promise I made. Instead, the Spirit has opened my eyes to the journey of Lent – just like life. It’s a call to deeper focus.

Many of you practice meditation, and as you know, there is no way to “fail” meditation – it’s a practice grounded in grace, where any moments we are still and silent, receiving the Great Love around and within, we are blessed. There are multiple times of drifting focus, but we return once again. We continue the journey.

So with Lent, any new moments turned toward a greater awareness toward God, any times of recognition of God’s power within us, any point where we make a choice for good…that is gift. That is “success.” That is yes.

Let’s walk together.


Loving Christ,

We are so mindful in this Lenten Season of our need for you, the journey you walked, the death you suffered, and the resurrection you enlivened.

We still hold, Lord God, the ashes of this week in beginning this Lenten journey. We struggle against our limitations – we ask that you would heal us, not to be perfect, but to be more fully whole, together, and free.

We rest our brokenness in your wounds, Jesus, and commit ourselves – even our broken selves – to living fully for you.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for being broken that we might find healing in our own brokenness. We love you and recommit to living in your way.

And to walking together.


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  1. Thank you Arianne…I take comfort in your words about meditation and will strive to stay on the journey in spite of my “multiple times of drifting focus”! Prayers for you on your Lenten journey!

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