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Friday Prayer, May 18, 2018

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Photo by Susanne Moorman Rowe

For all of us in the messy middle of something…..



Slow and Steady God,

Things have changed, and I

know they’re not done changing.


I’m here on your potter’s wheel

where you’re shaping my essence into

something new with your

guiding, loving hands.


But this messy middle time….

it’s painful, and scary, and hard.

The wheel spins and my world swirls

and all I want is to

see the end result.


Becoming the broken-down

lump of clay was a

hard stage too, I might add.


Help me, God,

to commit to the process,

not the outcome.


Help me embrace this messy, middle time

where I must make space

for shifts and questions.


Change my mantras from

clarity to exciting ambiguity,

definition to open-endedness,

known to awe-filled surprises,

timeline to trust.


Help me believe, Lord,

that even what seems like negative change

makes room in me and around me

for something fresh (and beautiful).


You hum a tune of possibility and potential as you work.

With each move of your hand, you mutter,





And you smile.


  1. Steve Reinhart

    Beautiful. Thanks Arianne.

    • ariannelehn

      Thanks so much, Steve! Be well, my friend.

  2. Jacqui

    Beautiful Arianne! Just the prayer I needed for this spinning spring time!

    • ariannelehn

      I’m so glad, Jacqui! Thank you! You give generously in so many directions, so I know why things are spinning for you!

  3. Geraldine Osmond Weiss

    What beautiful poetry you are able to produce from Messy Middles, Arianne!
    Thank you for yet another inspirational moment filled with your characteristic vulnerability, honesty, acceptance, trust and faith. You last lines, “good’ “And you smile” seem to be simply and softly “muttered,’ and yet speak volumes!
    We can’t wait for more Friday prayers!

    • ariannelehn

      Bless and thank you, my friend. You always make me smile, Geraldine!! Every blessing to you and yours. You are a gift!

  4. Joanne Beatty

    Reality so beautifully and honestly said Arianne. Thank you!

    • ariannelehn

      Thank you, Joanne! One in the spirit!

  5. Kathleen K. Silliman

    You must know my heart.

    • ariannelehn

      Kindred souls. What can I say? <3

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