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Friday Prayer, May 19, 2017


Photo by Susanne Moorman Rowe

Lord Jesus,


How blessed I am to have your love,

your peace,

your reassurance –

you give me the comfort I need to live my hardest days.


How blessed I am, God, to have your strength,

your courage,

your self-control –

you give me the determination I need to make tough decisions and follow through.


How blessed I am, God, to have your grace,

your forgiveness,

your promise of new life –

you give me the mercy I need to say, ‘I’ll make different choices today’ –

and then do so.


You see me, God, as I truly am –

that core within me that’s been there

since I was a baby and blossomed as a child.

It’s a core so buried beneath all of these…layers.

A layer of responsibility here and

layer of image there,

plus the layers of expectations

others place on me and

the layers of self-doubt and fear.


Please help mes shed the layers, God,

and return to the core.


Help me reclaim who I truly am – the person you’ve created me to be.


Help me live boldly,

speak confidently,

love unconditionally,

forgive readily, and

trust deeply.


Shape my life to match my soul.


Thank you, Lord Christ, for loving me I am –

may I embrace my true essence and your work for me today.





  1. carolfreeman4

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  2. Gerri Weiss

    Your Friday prayers are a thoughtful reflection of one who seems to know how to shape her life to match her soul, asking with characteristic humility that her Lord Christ help her “shed the layers” we all recognize in our own lives. Thank you for continuing to inspire us to embrace what is a “true essence.” Your vulnerability, honesty and simplicity are deeply appreciated!

    • ariannelehn

      Thank you, dear Gerri! You are a gift – an encourager, an inspiration, a source of wisdom – for so many around you! Grateful to share this journey together with you!

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