Friday prayer, October 16, 2015

Photo by Lori Archer Raible
Photo by Lori Archer Raible

Creator God,

I praise you as the Giver and Renewer of the seasons. The earth’s rhythms remind me of your faithfulness…your love….your promises…

The sun rising each morning, the leaves turning and dropping, the stars peeking through mists of morning gray, then greeting me as the day kisses night. Amidst the cycle, I find a rhythm for my soul. I hear the echoes of that ancient and eternal place into which you beckon me, and I say thank you.

Oh God, how will you show yourself to me today? I am longing for a closer connection, a stronger fire, a self-forgetting confidence that fills me and makes me a whole, abundant person. I want to find myself so full of your loving presence that it spills and splashes out and over my life’s rim, blessing and baptizing every trip I make, every meal I cook, every task I do, every person I meet, every smile I share, every worry I carry.

Thank you, God, for carrying me over the threshold of this weekend and all that it may hold. I want to seek you with each hour I have.

May I watch for the stars tonight, and the sun tomorrow. In the unconditional love of Christ I pray. Amen.


  1. Hi Arianne,

    A perfect prayer as I begin a busy hectic days of things to get day…a good reminder of what I should focus on and not my TO DO list.

    Love Tom

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