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Friday Prayer, September 23, 2016


Patient Spirit,

We can be so reluctant…so resistant…

We can hear your call, then flee in the other direction.

We can receive your vision, then hide from its hope.

We can see your sweet grace, then whine it’s not fair.

We can stand so ready to judge those around us, when our ground is no higher than theirs.

And then, patient God, you come again – you come to our fearfulness, arrogance and boundary lines with your mercy, compassion, and steadfast love.

You come to our small vision with an eye, a word, a touch that can swallow the universe in love.

You come and share that forgiveness is always an unlocked door, that you always give us a chance to change – as many chances as we ask for and more.

So, patient God, please restore  in us some love, trust, and hope; a clear picture of what our lives might look like if everyone were a sister and brother….because they are.

Patient Spirit, please help us unclench our iron grip on what we’ve always known and been, and to embrace the changes – the callings – before us.

We pray this with gratitude, trust, and hope in the name of Jesus. Amen.


  1. moormanrowe

    Thank you, Arianne, for such a beautiful start to my day!

    • ariannelehn

      Thank you, Susanne, for the kind words! You are a boost to my own heart!

  2. Kathy Beatty

    Arianne, I continue to be so thankful for your prayers. It’s hard to describe my response to them, so I won’t try, but I want you to know that they do always touch me.

    One in The Spirit, Kathy

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    • ariannelehn

      Bless you, Kathy. We are kindred in soil and in soul! I am grateful for you.

  3. Geraldine Osmond Weiss

    Arianne, Your eloquence coupled with an extraordinary spirituality is deeply appreciated!

    • ariannelehn

      Thank you so much, Geraldine, for such encouragement. I definitely don’t feel extraordinary by any means – I’m hungering alongside you for a deeper connection with God. Thank you for sharing the journey with me!

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