Friday Prayer, September 9, 2016

sunset 2013
Photo by Susanne Moorman Rowe

Wise and loving God,

We praise you for your wisdom. You, God, know all about us, all about our circumstances, all about the world around us. You know, better than we do, what needs to happen, the decisions we face, the people we’re trying to become…

But sometimes, God, we’re paralyzed with the decisions we face. Discernment feels like a desert and we’re short on supplies. We sometimes feel, God, that we’re lacking clear direction, knowledge, or support. We feel lost, afraid, or alone, scorching under that hot sun and not sure what to do. We strain our eyes for a sign….

Even in our fear, even in our frustration, we summon our thanks to you, God. We know you will disperse the clouds from our eyes, unplug our hearts, crack open our minds, and  tune us to  recognize your voice. We know you see what we cannot, and your Spirit will come with wind and water to bring us in the direction you desire.

Please help us see what you want us to do, then give us the courage to do what we see.

We pray for your holy clarity, God, in all our circumstances and in the decisions on our plate today. Whatever the choice before us, may we seek you in it. May we choose the bigger life.

With trust in our Guide, Amen.