Releasing the “Should”

Love from the family cabin! Thanks be to God for the gift of vacation.
Love from the family cabin! Thanks be to God for the gift of vacation.

When was the last time you told yourself you “should” do or be something because you saw someone else doing or being that particular something? You can read my reflection for today’s “Practicing Families” blog that centers on that topic by clicking here.

About a year ago, I learned of “Practicing Families” – an online ministry and blog that support families in following the way of Jesus.  Even though I wasn’t yet a parent, I found the blog to be insightful, helpful, challenging, and inspiring – especially as I sought ways to help the families of my congregation practice faith together.

I love the “realness” at the core of “Practicing Families.” They say they are about (and you can learn more here):

  • Real Faith–This isn’t about saying or believing the “right” things. It’s about doing the best we can to honor God and follow Jesus every day.
  • Real Life–But, of course, we screw up a lot. We are not perfect parents or perfect Christians. And we won’t pretend to be.
  • Real Grace–We celebrate together the good news that God loves us anyway. In the midst of our imperfect parenting, our imperfect families, God meets us and sustains us.

Mondays offer “family liturgies” with prayers and practices to use with your family (or not). Wednesdays are “practicing with children” that hold stories of how we experience God in everyday family life. Fridays are “practicing parents” days that offer spiritual discoveries gleaned from parenting.

It’s a beautiful resource! I have been (and still am on) vacation but am looking forward to the rhythm of my weekly prayer posts once I return.



  1. Absolutely LOVE the last couple of sentences of your Practicing Families post. So powerful and so true. The comparison and the shoulds are so powerful. I can really, really identify with that lately. Thanks, as always, for your wisdom.

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