Weekly Prayer, Friday, August 14, 2015



Photo by Lori Archer Raible
Photo by Lori Archer Raible

I didn’t know school was allowed to start so early, but it already began for many students here in Fort Wayne. It’s a time of transition, and even the expected, seemingly “known” changes can be hard to embrace. There is loss. There are gifts. There’s the call to walk forward in trust. I’m asking God for deep peace in all hearts as this turning of the seasons surfaces both what we want and what we resist.

Gracious and amazing God,

We breathe in Your peace. We exhale gratitude. We open our hands and hearts to You with love. As we take this time to breathe, we open our eyes a bit wider and our ears a tad larger – we are looking and listening for the summons You offer to something more. 

Loving God, we ask today for a hope that’s irrepressible, a courage that perseveres, a mind that’s willing to be changed in good ways, and a heart that’s ready to expand. 

We give You thanks, God, for the beginning of a new school year. Please bless all students and fill them with renewed confidence, steady self-esteem, and joy in learning as they begin a fresh grade, course, or program. We pray for peace, patience, and balance for all the teacher and professors as they, too, transition into a fresh schedule with a new group of students. Please give assurance and deep comfort to parents – those who are so in need of a break after a busy summer with their children; those who, with tears, find it difficult to send their kids off each morning or across the miles to college; those who feel fearful that their kids are growing up so quickly; those who are struggling with resentment or frustration with their children, even as they love them deeply…

We give thanks for Your hand that holds and steadies ours in the transitions we face.

All of this we pray in the loving, confident name of Christ. Amen.


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