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Weekly Prayer, Friday, July 17, 2015


Photo by Susanne Moorman Rowe

Photo by Susanne Moorman Rowe

Completely Gracious and Loving One,

Forgive me. I’ve allowed myself to slip into cynicism this week,

to hang my heart on negativity, rather than hope,

to cover bloody wounds, rather than open them

to the air of Your healing.

Air can sting.

I have been asking You for a change in my circumstances.

And I’ve been complaining.

Sometimes, You want a change of conditions, and

You equip me to make that happen.

But I’m starting to realize maybe what I need this time is not a change

of what’s around me, but a change

inside me.

My heart, not my circumstances.

Maybe a change in heart will lead to a change in circumstances.

But for now, the changed heart will be enough.

Instead of discontent, gratitude.

Rather than jealousy, generosity.

In place of judgment, compassion.

Replacing anger, laughter.

Renew my heart, God, into the shape You want it to be.

Lead me to my courage.

Kindle and warm what has grown cold in me.

Energize the passions that lie lethargic.

In the start of this Friday, help me stand before all of my life with a trusting, open heart.

That’s a good enough change for now.

I will ask You about those circumstances later.

I praise you as the heart-changing God who is good, the God who is able, the God I love, and the God of us all.



  1. Marianne

    So blessed am I to read your prayers and to know the wealth in my heart, the ability to receive so many blessings and gifts each and every day. Thank you my dear one for sharing your many talents with others.

    • ariannelehn

      Thank you, Marianne!! I miss you and am so grateful for your presence in my (our family’s!) life!

  2. teachmetobraid

    So powerful, Arianne.

    • ariannelehn

      Thank you, dear Emily!

  3. Jenn Kenyon

    this was just exactly what I needed to read right now. thank you 🙂

    • ariannelehn

      Oh, how grateful I am to hear this, Jenn! I hope you are well!

  4. Eugene DeHoogh

    Arianne, Thank you again for your prayer—I just forwarded it on to Nellie Reeves who is one of our older members and keeps up on the computer. I especially thought of you yesterday when I read the devotional in the Upper Room. Wayne Greenawalt (Illinois) referred to the Boston Marathon in 2013 and had us read Isaiah 40:27-31 and then in my Bible—NIV Study Bible I was referred to Psalm 37 which also had some good thoughts—Blessings, Gene

    • ariannelehn

      Thank you so much for sharing, Gene! What an encouragement. I hope I can find a copy of that devotional. I love Isaiah 40.

  5. Sherrie Kalaher Mullins

    Thank you for expressing exactly what we needed today. Love to you dear one.

    • ariannelehn

      Thank you so much, dear Sherrie!

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