A “faith not sight” journey plus Weekly Prayer – June 12, 2015

Photo taken by Lori Archer Raible
Photo taken by Lori Archer Raible

As we come to the close of another week, please pause for a few breaths and moments right now. The week, no doubt, brought surprises. Some increased your joy. Others blindsided you with fresh pain. Or maybe the week oozed with a gray sameness, and you’re wishing something – anything – could shake fresh light and hope into days governed by routine.

The devotional that Jeff, Eden, and I share together (*almost*) each morning spoke a wonderful word to our hearts this week about walking – that this journey is by faith, not by sight. I’m always hungering for greater clarity about what’s ahead. I think life would be easier or I would be happier if I could anticipate what’s to come. And oftentimes, I’ve thought it’s the destination I need to see.

In reading the devotional writer this week, my perspective shifted. I realized that while I can’t see what is ahead, I can see who is ahead. Christ goes before me, before us, like the Loving Shepherd he is. Fixing our eyes on the real promise of Christ before us helps the fear fade – at least a little bit. Faith is not blindness. It is the grittiest form of trust.

I pray that I will stay in today, in this moment, and look for ways to live abundantly and lovingly where my two feet are now. Even as I continue to walk. I pray the same for you.

And now, the Friday prayer –

Loving God,

You are the warmth around us, the hope within us, the courage that leads us forward. You bring light to our darkness, and right now, Lord, we’re longing for that light to shine in the shadows that plague us most.

Please bring your faithful steadiness, God, to our lives that are so often in flux. Just as we think things are under control, the trusted ground begins to shift, our relationships rumble, our insecurity starts erupting. Not many things are dependable in this life, God. You are. We declare our need for you and trust in you. Please be a rock to which we can cling, even with shaky hands – even with only a few fingers. May we fix our eyes on you, even as we don’t know all the surprises in store.

Amid change and worry in our lives, we have blessings to name. As summer begins and we breathe into a change of pace, please open our hearts to the gifts before us – time with family, opportunities for rest, the renewal of creation around us that speaks life and transformation.
Help us to look to you, God, in this day. You are steady. You are sure. And so is the light that you promise to shine on the path before us.

In the reassurance and far-reaching love of Christ we pray. Amen. 


  1. Thank you, dear Arianne, for these words of comfort and this beautiful prayer. They are just what I needed this morning!

  2. Thank you, dear Arianne, for these beautiful and comforting words. They are just what I needed this morning!

  3. I loved your devotional thought today. Yes, live in each moment and under the guidance of the Shepherd. Bless you in the moments!

  4. Beautiful, Arianne! Your words, your prayer spoke to me this day! Thank you.

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  5. “I realized that while I can’t see what is ahead, I can see who is ahead. Christ goes before me, before us, like the Loving Shepherd he is.” I love this line Arianne…thanks for sharing.

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