Weekly Prayer – June 5, 2015

Outside in our yard - A gift of beauty and one of my favorite flowers
A tangible reminder of God’s goodness out in our yard

For a note about this weekly prayer tradition, see last week’s post.


Good Morning, God. 

Please meet me where I’m at today. Come and fill this room, wrap my heart – whatever its state – in your hands, reminding me you are here, reminding me I am loved. I thank you, God, that I don’t need to be perfect. Your grace is deeper, your love stronger, your forgiveness broader than I understand.

I am humbled today by my need for you. Untangle my confusion. Shine your light on my secrets. Send down the soft rains of cleansing and the strong rains of refinement on my soul’s ground. Please prepare me for this weekend ahead, whatever it brings. You’ve given me the Spirit to face it. 

I thank you, God, that I can hand over all my worries and joys, knowing you care even more deeply than I do. Please make me an instrument of your love today, God. Make me a reflection of my Creator in what I say, in how I act, and in the focus of my thoughts.

In the strong name of Jesus, the One who goes with me, I pray. Amen. 




  1. Arianne, Thank you for the meaningful prayer—it reminded me of Dr. Bill Beeners who taught at Princeton and was from Lennox, SD where I visited his mother—he often closed his prayers as you did….”In the strong name of Jesus.” Amen and Amen. Gene

  2. Dear Arianne, I finally figured out how to get to your blog! It’s beautiful and brings tears of joy to my heart. May our Lord bless you for your wonderful talents. Peace in Christ, Susan

    1. Thank you, Susan! I so appreciate your encouragement. And thank you for sharing your talents with Jeff and me each week in your wonderful pictures!

  3. Arianne, thanks so much for opening access to your blog. I’ve missed your weekly prayers and am delighted to receive them again. I especially loved seeing the photo of sweet Eden and her joy in finding her toes! Suzanne

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