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Friday Prayer, February 17, 2017


Photo by Lori Archer Raible

I feel out of rhythm in this season of much change – moving to a new city, travel to see family, the continued journey of pregnancy and how that slows – yet steadies – my gait. It can become so easy to keep “pushing” for everything, and not realize how tired we are becoming in the process. Perhaps you can relate…

Though my focus has been anything but centered and my soul/spirit check-in’s sporadic, I feel humbled and grateful for God’s steady presence. God’s faithfulness can be that anchoring root system even as our branches stretch in all new directions…even as some leaves die and new leaves bud. Slowly, slowly we find open space to process all that’s been, to dream over what’s to come.


Holy God,

With hope and courage

we dig and intertwine our souls with your anchoring roots –

praising you as our protector, seeking you for daily strength and stability.

When we look back on our lives, God, we stand amazed at the ways you’ve worked before.

Such surprises.

Such faithfulness.

God, we are so grateful.

We cling to that promise of your steady presence and feel newly empowered by the memories of your presence in the past.

We need those memories, God, as we face the fresh storms before us –

major changes, illness, death of those we love, struggles in relationships, frustration over unchanging circumstances, anger at ourselves…

the things that rip limbs off, that leave us stark and bare.

But with each new year’s mercies,

a ring grows within our trunk –

some thick from lush seasons,

some faint and thin from times of drought.

We continue to grow and become,

all through your grace

keeping our roots where they need to be.




  1. Amy

    Proud of my tree’s rings and hopeful that your transition creates a joyful new season in your story. Miss you. Love to you all.

    • ariannelehn

      You should be proud, dear Amy!! And thank you so much. Sending so much love to you…

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