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Friday Prayer, November 13, 2015

Photo by Susanne Rowe

Photo by Susanne Rowe


Loving Spirit,

How grateful we are to turn all that we are – mind, heart, and body – to you right now.

Some of us feel like our minds having been going in so many directions this week. We are yearning for some centeredness amid the schedule of clamoring reminders and tasks.

Some of us feel bored stiff, sad that another week passed by without a phone call from our children or an invitation from a friend.

Some of us feel deeply concerned about loved ones – aging parents that really need help, children who are applying for schools, siblings with whom we feel out of contact.

Some of us are already nervous about the holiday season around the corner and all that will mean for arranging schedules, traveling, and family dynamics. 

It can all be so bittersweet….

And so, in the flurry or the emptiness, we are grateful to be grasping your hand.

We praise you, Loving Spirit, for the fresh energy and freedom you offer. Thank you for living within us and breathing your peace and power into the core of our being. We remember that it is not by might, nor by power, but by you – the Spirit – that we live out our calling. 

You are our source of true strength, Loving Spirit, and we ask for your strength and support to be with us.

And with us you are –  in the variety of unique circumstances and challenges we face. You know us better than we know ourselves, and we ask that you open us to accept and live out the calling you have placed upon us. In the love, the grace, and the hope of Jesus we pray, Amen.


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  1. moormanrowe

    So comforting. Thank you, Arianne!

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