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Friday Prayer, September 30, 2016


Strong God,

We ask for your strength to cover our fears today.

We are afraid of the darkness,

afraid of the uncontrollable,

afraid of the unthinkable.

We stay awake at night,

distracted by the fear that coils around hearts

and compresses our minds.

We ask, great and comforting God, that your presence and encouragement would surround us and tend within us a holy calm.

We ask that your Spirit of peace – a peace that passes all understanding – would whisper your promises in our ears, reminding us that we need not be afraid.

The fears are so convincing and so real….in our hearts and in our world.

We pray, God, that your holy peace and comfort surround our sisters and brothers who face fears of loss, fears of transition, fears of grief. Our nation aches and weeps.

So much to hold and handle, Lord, and we need your help.

Though the fears may not dissipate, your promise and assurance strengthen us to face them.

For the simple acts of living and loving, of sleeping and trusting, we need your holy comfort, Jesus.

In the Love which will not let us go…



  1. Linda Kelly

    This prayer is especially helpful to read at the end of this week. Matt and Beth have been in the adoption process for 3 1/2 years with many trials and heartaches. Yesterday, their dream of becoming parents became reality when they brought their daughter home from the hospital. Thank you for your inspirational words. Praise the Lord!

    • ariannelehn

      Wow, Linda, this is absolutely incredible news! Praise God! Matt and Beth will be such loving, faithful, and strong parents. What a long journey they’ve been on! And I’m sure you’ve felt every crest and valley with them, Linda! I’m so glad to hear this amazing miracle of the child that will now enter their family. Thank you so much for sharing!

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